Monday, November 17, 2008

the season of white

guess what i'm listening to?
yup... christmas music. and yup... country christmas music! ;) i had started out listening to my frank sinatra christmas album and then kaia said she wanted the one with the guy who sang jingle bells with the picture of him sitting in snow. little does she know he's actually sitting on a white sandy beach. which is exactly where i'd like to be now... or anytime in the next 4 months. i'm trying, trying REALLY hard to convine mike that we need to go south this winter. you know, wait 'til a week before we want to go and get a cheap last minute deal. i think it might work. however i think the big M has unrealistic expectations about how much $ we need for a half decent vacay. i know i don't want to go anywhere that isn't at least 4 stars. any less and i'm scared the suite next to us might charge by the hour. yikes! and i'm not sure where to we'll go. mexico? domincan? cuba? those are the least expensive options, i suppose. friends of ours are heading to the mayan riveria in january. man, i'm ultra jealous. i think the mayan might be out of our 'last minute, cheap trip' price range though. maybe we'll just make the 35 hour drive to chihauhau. that might be a good time. chillin' with the mexican mennos. drinking yarbe tea. oh wait... those are the paraguay mennos, right? so, stayed tuned to see if we'll actually head south or not.
in the meantime, we'll be playing in the snow with the girls, eating homey food from the slow cooker and relaxing in front of the fireplace. although that sounds pretty good for winter too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Look what the big M got me!

take a look at these pretty flowers that mike brought home for me last night! aren't they beeeyootiful? it was one of those 'just because' times. i love those times! they make me feel so special and loved. everyone needs that once in a while. it doesn't matter if they are simple daisies plucked from a field or an extravagant bouquet/arrangement of the most expensive flora and fauna, a girl needs to feel appreciated once in a while with some flowers. it just makes us feel good inside.

and with some flowers, i decided to put my tv watching skills to good use. yesterday on "America's Next Top Model" (or ANTM as it'll be referred to from now on) the girls were taught how to 'sell' a product without words. one such item they were attempting to sell was a huge pail full of pickled herring. mmmm! i'm sure it smellt divine. so, i did the same pose except replacing the bucket of dead fish with my vase of fresh flowers. what do you think? modelesque or what? ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

costco -- a.k.a. the money sucking black hole store

oh yes... costco. aisles and aisles of brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices. i was there today and what was supposed to be a trip in and out, just to look for twin beds, turned out to be purchasing over $200 in stuff. and i only bought like 6 items! actually, i'm surprised it wasn't near the $500 mark. i had to put things back as we waited in line. you know how it is. you find the line with the people with the least amount of stuff in their carts, hoping it'll go quicker than the line next to it with only 2 carts but they are filled TO THE MAX with crap. and what makes shopping at costco even worse is the food testing tables. not like those people are enjoying their jobs (jeez... could they smile a little?) but they are handing out free food to 'taste test'. how do you say no to $20 worth of healthy fruit leathers? ("2/3's of your daily serving of fruit/veggies in 1 bar!!") or how 'bout the $10 jar of spicy pickled beans? or the monster 50 gallon bottle of sweet chili sauce? well, i said no to only one of those. can you guess which one? ;) on the bright side, i did pick up a few christmas gifts. and the girls had some singing, banjo-plucking santas in the cart to amuse themselves. oh costco... the place where dreams come true. you know, because you can find everything you could ever need, EVER! like the big mother frying pan, the pack of a thousand ball point pens, the holiday lindt chocolate truffle balls (only 350 in a package), and for fashionistas like myself, the highwaisted, light-wash kirkland brand jeans. very nice! why is it that i only go to costco once a year again?

oh yeah... the bill afterward.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

easter, among other things

we're always trying to think of new and exciting games to play with the girls. when all of a sudden, some amazing and clear thought pops into our heads.

this one was my idea, with a little help from kaia. easter egg hunting! she pulled out her cute pottery barn easter basket and wanted to hunt. then i remembered that we have little plastic eggs. so away we went! this has been keeping the girls occupied for a good 3 days now.

this morning's hunt must have been especially rousing because after we breaked for breakfast, something really awesome happened. *insert gagging eye rolling smilie here* kaia had been complaining about not eating her toast this morning (not a normal occurance) but i just chalked it up to her not wanting to sit at the table. i was cleaning out the dishwasher when i look over and saw kaia proceed to throw up... ALL over the floor (not the carpet, thank goodness), chair and table. it was like slow motion. my hands cupped could not reach her in time. on a side note: why is that a mom's first reaction anyways? who thought up that one? "ok, when we see our child puke, let's put our hands out and catch it all neatly in our palms." yup, because there's always just a teaspoon amount that can be neatly kept in the cup of our hands. um, i think not. ok, back to the story. mmmm... grey goopy stuff and a few little pieces of toast with jam on it. great start to the morning. poor girl... poor mom. you know how it always goes. trying not to vomit yourself as you clean up the puke. good times. if all those boys who i had crushes on junior high could see me now! i'm a stellar puke cleaner uppper. let me tell you. the paper towel was a flyin', the clorox wipes were out faster than you can say, "acid reflux". the floor was cleaned, the chair and table wiped down and my little (big) girl was thrown into the tub. now she's savouring the premium plus soda crackers like there's no tomorrow... and little kaybrie is finishing off the toast. ;) isn't it great when sisters share? let's hope kaybrie doesn't puke in a few hours time. sigh... then it's mike's turn. dang it! why didn't i sleep in this morning?!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To MO or not to MO...

so, apparently this is the month of movember. yup, you heard me right... MOvember. november has disappered from our calendar at home. in the month of movember, you're supposed to grow and keep a moustache, all month long (men, that is). let me repeat that again... GROW and KEEP a moustache ALL month long!!! and guess who's decided to join in the ralley? you guessed it. my significant other, my spouse, my husband, mike. actually, it's a very clever scheme that creates awareness around men's health issues and raises funds for prostate cancer research. but i just don't 'dig' my husband with a stache. ewww! does anyone 'dig' moustaches. ok, sexy men with staches. can anyone think of any besides the cunning and super sauve Tom Selleck? i'm thinking not. not burt reynolds. not alex trebek. not dr. phil. certainly NOT ben stiller in dodgball. and most definitely not this guy. my uncle has had a moustache, i think, since he was able to grow one. he's never been without. i wonder what makes a man feel like they need the upper lip hair? whatever the case, the month of movember will be the ONE and only time my man will have a moustache. on december 1st, i will watch him shave it all off! and then, i suppose, i can borrow his razor and shave my legs. you see, i'm having my own contest to not shave for a month. ha ha! a little payback never hurt anyone, has it?

for more in depth and actual information about the fundraising efforts behind this 'movember' fun, check out their website here.

and, for fun... a little pic of mike while he was shaving a chin strap one day a few months back.
ladies, back up... step away. he's MY mo-man! (honestly, i'm shuddering looking at that facial hair)

Monday, November 3, 2008

pondering stuff

so, i decided to start my own blog. i've been inspired, you could say, to put down in words my daily life. i'm not exactly sure if i'll be the only person reading this or not, but that's besides the point. the point is to find the joy in the simple things of life. joy, being my middle name, is the perfect word to use. s & t meaning stephanie and thiessen. my first and last names. however, you can decide for yourself on what particular day whether you want S & T to mean my names, or any other noun/adjective, etc. if you're reading my blog, beware... i am horribly bad at grammar. i happen to just write and write and not think about my basic 'english' writing skills. perhaps that's why i got an almost failing mark on my grade 9 english exam. ouch! sorry mr. knelsen! i think drama was more my game. so... here goes my journey into blogdom. i know there are countless others before me who i've looked up to, so to say. let's hope not to disappoint!