Monday, October 29, 2012

fall farm fun!

a couple of weeks ago, on one of the last "warm" days of fall, we headed to a local farm.
i told the girls we absolutely had to spend the afternoon outside.
it was 19 degrees and it would be the last nice day of the year before winter was coming.
so far, i have been right.
(when am i not right?)
we haven't had as nice a day since.
and with flurries in the forecast, i'm guessing there's no more warm weather on the horizon.
enjoy a few, well, actually A LOT, of pictures of our fall farm fun!
a pig made up of a hale bale?
the sun wasn't bright at all.
this picture is a little shaky either because this quad thing was moving... with a capital m...
or because i was laughing so hard.
either way, it's still making me laugh!
i think i need to jimmy rig one of these up at my place.
neighborhood kids welcomed.
mine would just read, "time out in castlerock".
of course there were animals at the farm...
and cute rabbits!
(i prefer the brown to the white... those red eyes creep me out, actually)
and this animal too!
oh, wait.
that's my child!
she's a lot cuter than some random bunny. 
trying to catch another child, on the loose in the maze!
it was so easy to get lost because as you can see... the corn grew wonderfully this year. 
(note the sarcasm)
just looking cute.
somehow i don't think i would have looked as sweet standing on a log.
probably just awkward.
hence, there are no pictures of me on them.
for shame!
i know!
didn't see much of this girl.
she's an explorer by nature.
and i trust her in these settings.
i know that she knows her boundaries...
so i let her roam free.
eventually i catch up to her at some point.
but by that time she's already more than circled the entire establishment.
 it was so pretty, even if most of the leaves had already fallen.
the older two like to find good climbing trees.
the little one likes to think she can climb too.
 it usually doesn't work out as well for her.
 lots of oak trees in this bush.

cozy warm fall clothes.
i welcome the cooler temps wardrobe... darker colors... toastier threads.
baby h thought something MUST live in here.
so, of course, she jabbed a stick in there to find out.
thankfully no baby bird or baby squirrel was impaled.

obligatory pumpkin shot.
no fall pics without them, right?
too lazy to line up my family by them, however.
as you can tell by looking at the pics, i didn't care one iota about dressing my girls up for "pumpkin patch" pics either.
what is coming over me?!

oh yeah... and they had "go-carts".
self motored... not to be confused with gas or electric go-carts.
 i was GIVEN'R!
my legs were on fire!
and that was my workout for the week.
still no snow that's actually stuck and stayed... but we're now in much cooler temperatures.
gone are those "few and far between" beautiful fall days.
why, oh why, can't fall be a much longer season?!

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