Monday, October 15, 2012

seasonal changes

as the warm autumn breeze was blowing yesterday afternoon, i couldn't help but notice that beauty abounds.
beauty is in the changing of the season, God showed that to me in my own backyard.
beauty is also in the changing of my heart.
using the temperature changes in life to cultivate new passions and stir deep yearnings in my soul.
for something more... for more of Him.
always pointing me further to Him.
and, like the passing of one season to the next, i know He's ever moulding and shaping me.
it's a never ending process that is both frightening... and exhilarating.
being open to move where He wants me to go... following unashamed and boldly.
and let us not grow weary of doing good, 
for in due season we will reap,
if we do not give up.
galatians 6:9
he controls the times and the seasons;
he makes and unmakes kings;
it is he who gives wisdom and understanding.
daniel 2:21


bandofbrothers said...

wow, gorgeous photos! you are very deep today ma'am.


stephanie joy said...

i know, eh?
check out today's "light hearted" post! ;)

bandofbrothers said...

i like deep too, fyi:)