Wednesday, October 17, 2012

keepin' it real!

let's face it... my last post?
yeah, sorta deep.
and those that know me in real life, know that i'm not typically like that.
or that... i can be like that, but it sometimes requires pulling it out of me.
ha ha!
so let's keep it real here...
and show some "normal" life!
you know... like ZERO make up.
(not even sure i've washed my face yet.)
i've said before, i LOVE my new nespresso machine.
this coffee is DA bomb!!
(do cool cats still use this phrase?  b/c i'm clearly hip... considering i just used the term 'cool cats'.)
oh... and what do we have here?
just a little skor bar cookie goodness pulled out from the freezer and baked just for me...
yup... for breakfast!
that's how i roll!
oh yeah... and her?
that's my little girl.
sitting and watching her new favorite movie, "the princess and the popstar".
seriously... she's obsessed.
walks around with a microphone and sings the songs ALL DAY LONG.
(she's SO not her mother's daughter!!!  ha ha ha ha!)
yeah, and she's watching a movie so i can work.
which i'm obviously doing... right?  right?
oh wait... no.
need to do my birth doula recertification... now.
i'm a procrastinator.
can you tell?
ok... bye!


ginger said...

i love how you're keepin' it real, girl! sweet morning pics by the way!

Kimberlee said...

Oh, I like you already.

bandofbrothers said...

you are a very cute girl:)

Jodie Hartung said...

I needed a laugh badly! I should have known where to go!
You are such a delight!