Wednesday, October 24, 2012

to waste some time...

another busy day in our house.
rushing like a crazy mama to get the carpool to school this morning.
brought big K back home to bring her to the dentist at 9:40.
as soon as i get back home from dropping all kids off...literally JUST walk in the door... the phone rings.
"hi... this is dr. laberge's office.  K can't come in today because her appliance isn't ready.
can we schedule an appointment for next week?"
ummm... can you come over and bring her BACK to school for me, miss receptionist?!?!
i know it's not her fault but i got annoyed.
of course i didn't say THAT to her, but i did say, "jeez! i JUST dropped off the other kids at school."
she apologized and i said, "i know... see you next week".
just another bump in the road.
i was just gonna keep big K home for a bit to play and then take her back to school.
i was far too exhausted to rush out of the house yet again.
but then my friend d graciously offered to drop her off for me.
now do you think i've been utilizing this newfound "FREE" time of mine wisely?
of course i haven't.
i should be reading my textbook for my class tonight.
or going through my doula stuff and preparing to meet a potential client later this morning.
but instead i'm sitting here in front of the computer.
drinking my double espresso.
and baby h asked to take a bath while i was working.
i put her hair up and told her to keep it dry because we still have to go out this morning.
what do you think happened?
hair wet.
big surprise!
ha ha!
but how can i get upset?!
she's far too cute to lay my frustrations on.
so i'll snuggle her instead!
and save up all the kisses to get me through the rest of the day.
kisses from my baby are like magic!!!
(happy bday today to my BFF from my teenage years!!!)
how's THAT for random?

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