Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 on the 11th... posted on the 12th!

ok, i saw so many great blogs last year with the whole 10 on the 10th thing going on.
if you've never seen it, you take 10 pictures, 1 every hour for 10 hours on the 10th day of the month.
seems easy?
but doesn't exactly work if you forget.
i only remembered late at night on the 10th.
so, i did it on the 11th, yesterday.
and i didn't have time to post the pics yesterday.
hence... they're up today.
better late than never, right?
(is that my motto or something?)
and... they're with my phone... so excuse the quality!
they start at 10:00am.
(just so you know... they're taken IN that hour, not necessarily right at the turn of the hour)

grocery shopping with my baby! 

thrift store find.
yay or nay?
i didn't buy it... too big but i liked it! 

what can i say?
i'm very health conscious, clearly. 

wednesdays are dance days.
my middle honey pie LOVES ballet! 

here is what i bought at the thrift store - a cute quilt.
it is SO incredibly soft!
a good washing and it's good to go! 

relaxing on my friend's couch.
seriously... we had such a quiet and cozy afternoon.
babies napped... bigger kids were quiet.
it was lovely! 

convinced my fabulous sister in law she could do a cupcake bday party for my niece in her home instead of shelling out $ to a bakery.
she's a better baker anyway.
and i told her to buy these little cupcake holders for favors.
took a pic to send to her so she knew what i was talking about.
hello dollar store... you rule! 

it was bitterly cold outside yesterday... soup was what the doctor ordered. 

apparently making little guys out of random items in the house is fun.
the girls thought this was pretty funny.
they laughed and giggled until they cried.
so did i... until i found the dirty shoes up on my counter. 

night time snuggles and kisses.
another busy day behind us. 

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Pamichen said...

ha ha...cute idea. maybe I will try that next month. I loved watching your day...wish I was with you! xo