Friday, January 20, 2012

just being silly

i'm usually that mom that's always bossing my kids around.
telling them, yet again to, "hurry up... brush your teeth... get ready... i'm gonna leave without you!!"
yup, that'd be me.
but i'm also the mom that has no problem being silly.
even silly to the point of embarrassing them.
it's payback time, ya'll!
remember all those time dad embarrassed us, sis?!?!
M and i actually revel in the times we can embarrass our kids, especially in front of their friends.
i know... diabolical, huh?
isn't that par for the course though?
so it's of no surprise to you that i'd take some pics like this with my oldest today...

pathetic pirate on the wee one, or what?
clearly this is the point where she's getting bored.
act like a monkey... just like mommy!!
that's the spirit!
c'mon... let me give you a BIG smooch!!!!
i LOVE you!!
more kissies from yer mama!!!
(i just can't help it!)
come back here... come back!!!
don't leave your mama all alone!
aw, now that's better!
be silly... be present.
i'm trying... i'm not perfect, but i'm trying.
have a great weekend, ya'll!

1 comment:

Pamichen said...

ha ha ha!!! she does have that..."all right mom, I am so over this now" look! I love that we are a silly family. I love you! xox