Thursday, January 5, 2012

happy bday to my #1 man!

today my incredible husband turns 34 years old.
let me first start out by saying that i can't believe we're nearing our MID thirties.
feels like i'm still, like 23 years old.
don't i look like it?
can i get a what what?!
alas... we're getting old.
but i'm still always gonna be younger than my man!
maybe i'll take comfort in that!
 random facts about the big M:
-his favorite fast food restaurant is dickey's, hands down.
-his favorite type of desserts usually have chocolate as the first ingredient and peanut butter as the second. (this is very opposite of me)
-he hated school growing up and failed math but now he's almost always the scorekeeper when we play games b/c his math is better than the rest of us.
-he has one older, very talented sister (which means he's the baby... just like ME!)
-he's a very hands on daddy and far exceeds me in the patience department with our girls.
-he loves nothing more than to play with his girls on weekends and when he gets home from work.
-some of his favorite snacks include spicy nut mixes, hot hamburger dip and taco chips, pretzels and cheesies.
-he is mildly obsessed with watching sports... football being number 1, hockey, golf and baseball rounding out the top 4.
-his dream trip is to travel to africa one day and go on safari.
-he likes strange and twisted movies, i.e. seven, hannibal, and the twilight series (he will proudly admit that one!)
-he wooed me while we were dating with his fancy red sportscar, a 1996 acura integra GSR 2 door.  looked just like this.
-his favorite dog as a child was named elmo.
-he has worked at the same place of employment for 17+ years.
-he is particularly nit picky about his desk being organized at work, yet his night table at home is usually in shambles.
-he loves the houston texans, the houston astros, the texas rangers, and the winnipeg jets.
-his favorite clothes all come from lululemon... he doesn't have a problem sporting yoga wear for men.
-he wanted to date one of my best friends before he met me.
-he is a country music fan, through and through.
-as a little kid he was the best hockey player on his team, skating the best and scoring the most.
-he loves Jesus and leads our home with a heart from God.
-he has some sort of compulsion with purchasing jackets. i swear he has hundreds of them!
-he makes the best bonfires and takes pride in creating the perfect fire.
-he loves to camp with his family.
-he secretly would love a sportsbike but i'm way too chicken to allow him to get one.

now you learned a bit about my man....
and i'll end it with this...

dear husband,
i love you so very, very much!
you make my life better because you're in it.
i hope you have a great day, even though you have stomach cramps (TMI perhaps?).
and i can't wait to see how hot you'll look 34 years from now!
love you the most!
happy birthday sweetie!
from your doting and perfect wife. ;)

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