Tuesday, January 3, 2012

out with the old... in with the new!

welcome 2012!
it's a new year.
it's always strange and i have a hard time getting used to correctly writing out the new calendar year.
i often find myself continually writing out the previous year.
does that mean i have a hard time with change?
or does it mean i'm just forgetful and need to change a habit?
probably the latter.
but i will say i do have a hard time with change too.
i'm not one for doing the whole "resolution" thing.
i've tried and failed (hello FLY LADY!)... so i just don't do it.
but what i do do is take stock of the previous year and try to find ways i can do better in the new year.
i have a LOT of areas that need work.
a LOT.
some will require a lot of change.
something i'm not always comfortable with.
it will require leaving my comfort zone.
it will require putting others needs before my own.
it will require making myself last so that Christ can come first.
God is continually moulding and shaping me.
isn't that a comforting thought?
that all those crappy and hard times are worth something!
they're not in vain.
the difficulties and problems that we encounter are ways that should draw us nearer to our Saviour.
i need to keep that thought at the forefront of my mind.
you know... when i'm hurt by words, when i'm weary from parenting, when i'm angry from injustice.
He will use those times to refine me.
thank you Lord!
so... resolutions or not, i think 2012 can be an opportunity to grow.
grow as a wife.
grow as a friend.
grow as a mother.
grow as a daughter.
grow as a sister.
grow as a Christian.
and finding joy in the middle of it all!


Leslie @ top of the page said...

yes yes yes. my resolution post said i felt basically the same. i have plenty of jobs already and i just want to do them WELL. the part about God shaping us reminded me of a saying that's been sticking in my head: "God loves us exactly where we are, and loves us too much to leave us there." isn't that beautiful?

stephanie joy said...

love that saying!
saving that for later.
thanks for the encouragement! :)