Monday, January 16, 2012

cheap fix

i needed a change.
the weather is getting colder and i feel more and more housebound.
cabin fever, if you will.
when i have that feeling, i need to change stuff up.
nothing crazy (although i so badly want to PAINT) i switched up the paper in my living room frames.
you may remember it looking like this:
and here's what it looks like now...
 it's just a subtle difference, but i kept with my love for blue and yellow.
isn't it amazing that something as cheap as scrapbook paper can have such an impact?
i love cheap retail therapy for the home.
it's my fav!
oh, and i forgot to share one of my fabulous antique mall finds from texas.
i couldn't leave it there... especially since it's my favorite shade of blue.
plus, it was only $18.
(which my husband thinks is $18 too much.  sigh... men!)
do you find it hard to believe that each girl in my home totes this little chair to where they need it?
i didn't think so.
it is already well loved.
as is this soft and cozy quilt i found at the local thrift store.
don't worry... i washed it on hot and dried it and it smells just like new.
i just couldn't resist it because of the perfect coloring.
ahhh... so nice how a simple change can bring so much contentment.

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Elissa said...

Your blog came up in my stats so I had to come check it out-- I love it :) Love your thrifty finds!! That chair is ridiculously cute.
Like you I've been housebound the last few days due to the weather and today I was THIS close to painting my bedroom. Just because I had nothing better to do. I totally get it :)