Monday, January 9, 2012

the last one

so the flu has been making the rounds in our home.
and not the aches, chills and fever flu...
but the dreaded stomach flu.
daddy was first.
then babycakes.
then big k.
then me.
last night, little k caught the bug.
so she's home sick today, on the first day of school after christmas break.
go figure.
oh well.
at least now it's gone through all of us,
and thankfully it has been a short flu bug.
hopefully we'll all be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.
today will be another day of cuddling, watching cartoons, reading books and napping.
oh glorious napping!


Lisa said...

I hope this is the last of the sickies in your house for the year! Happy New Year!

Oh...and I just have to say I LOVE your family photos. What a gorgeous family you are!

Nicole said...

:( Feel better