Monday, January 30, 2012


ok... i know you all love pinterest just as much as i do.
and if you don't... well, you probably just haven't discovered it yet.
tell you haven't noticed this...
it seems like whenever i'm on, there are always multiple pictures of some hot toned body.
and right NEXT to that hot toned body, is a picture of an amazingly delicious dessert or delectable dish.
tell me, what is the fairness in that?!
can you have it all?
and this?
(these two really were side by side)

this is usually more suited to me when i'm 'pinning'.

oh well... i'll keep pinning on my merrily little way!

1 comment:

Ginger said...

Ha ha! I LOVE this post! Those last words are my words EXACTLY! I will never own such a fancy house or stuff to put in my existing house... I will never make the time to create such cool crafts... but I WILL keep pinning them! LOL! (and what the heck is with hot, toned bodies posted beside junk food?! I'm all about the food! Ha ha!)