Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIWW numero tres

linking up to WIWW again!
ok... how much longer can i do these?
they feel like they come every day, not once a week.
i guess that's what happens when you're not that regular of a blogger?
oh well...
maybe i just have to do them once a month?
i took some pics this week so i have to put them up.
problem is... i don't even remember where i wore these outftits?

here goes...

no idea where i wore this?
somewhere last week:
cardi -- anthropologie
coral tee -- abercrombie (this thing is ancient old!)
yellow tank -- target
jeans -- jacob
boots -- nordstrom rack
necklace -- banana republic outlet

oh yeah, i wore this to get my haircut on the weekend:
cardi -- anthro (man, do i wear the same things all the time and just not realize it?!)
green tank -- target
navy layering tank -- old navy
jeans -- BCBG from saks off 5th
boots -- nordstrom rack
necklace -- forever 21

wore this to church on sunday:
cardigan -- hand me down from sister in law
black tee -- target
skirt -- forever 21 (bought after seeing lindsey sporting it on her WIWW)
tights -- sirens
boots -- aldo
necklace -- forever 21

ok, keeping it REAL here, folks!
pjs -- victoria's secret
old man sweater -- bluenotes
bad hair, no make up -- blame it on our sick household!!!!

ok, so i don't know about too many others... but i enjoy clicking on the other girls that linked up to WIWW.
i like to get fresh ideas on how to pair this with that.
i am kinda known for keeping clothing items for a LONG, LONG time.
i don't purge as much as i should.
but, in saying that, it's fun to find an old top and realize that it's kinda in style again 10 years later.
sooooo... i can't always tell you where to get a certain item that i'm wearing, b/c it was probably sold years upon years ago.
but hopefully it can just give you the go ahead to try whatever you got!
that's all i do!
have fun, clothing mavens!
and LINK up!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring break bust

well, maybe not quite yet as it's only tuesday but
it's been one of these days...

my poor baby!
sick as a dog on the couch.
she threw up all night long and today she's just plain tired (so is her mommy) and has a fever to boot.

so this is all she's done this morning, save for a short bath to clean her up.

we were supposed to go spring/summer clothing shopping and head to the museum for the afternoon.
now we're stuck at home. :(
and since i'm feeling under the weather too, with my sinus infection (oh JOY),
this little bitty is getting a bit neglected.
can you tell in her face?!

so she makes her own fun... going around and pulling all the rubber ends off the door stopper.

this little girl is actually quite excited to have some time to play on her own.
so, i'll just leave her be in her room...
unless i need her to change bitty's diaper or something. ha!

this is what all the beds look like:

(this one is stripped and being washed because of the said puke from the night before)

and this is the result of my sinus infection....
using up a TON of these!
(don't worry... i won't go into great detail about what is showing up in those tissues)

so, to end this post on a positive note, let's see what i found in the garage on the weekend!
yippee kai-yay!!!
it's my new cruiser!
it was my bday/christmas gift and now it's finally here at home!
after much shopping i finally found this one that fits me to a tee!
we got it ordered, here in our little town no less, and then M went to pick it up.
i already went on one tiny cruise.
can't wait to go all summer long!
now i needs me a little one of these.
ooooh... and maybe one of these to go in it!!
it's this kind of stuff that's getting me through this day.
off to finish some laundry.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

embellished tees

i needed a quick project.
felt the need to create.
a need to use up some beautiful material.
but it had to be small scale.
when it comes to projects, i'm kinda known to start with ferver...
only to fizzle out and abandon ship.
i have lots of half finished crafts in my home.
that's why tiny little tutes... are great for me!  :)

i picked up some el cheapo tanks and a t-shirt for the girls from superstore.
can't go wrong with adorable $5 tops, non?
then i went to my mother in law's house and got to work.
(always nice when the kids can run to nana when they need something instead of always to mama)

first, i went through all the fabric...
oh, fabric, fabric, glorious fabric!
i'm known for just buying fat quarter after fat quarter.
 all these colors make my heart sing!!

 then i chose a few different kinds and put which fabric i wanted with each tee/tank.

now on to the work of cutting.

for big K's top, i chose to cut up little flowers.
i just free handed one flower and then used it as a 'template' to cut out all the others.

then i laid them all out on the tees they were to be used on.

here are all three:

ok, now the fun part... sewing!
i first made ruffles by sewing with a straight stitch right down the middle of the piece of fabric.
then i pulled the bottom thread to gather the fabric together.
i then tacked down the edges when i knew it was how i wanted it.
then i sewed the ruffle right onto the tank top.

with this one, i made three ruffles (a bit wider that the first) in the same way as before.
then sewed them in a straight line right onto this top.

then i arranged the flowers in a specific way, different colors on top to the t-shirt.
then my mother in law sewed them down onto the top.

here's how baby H's turned out:

 and here she is modelling it!  :) doesn't it look great over top zip up pajamas?

here is little K's tank top.
i love the ruffle detail in coordinating fabrics!

and here is this little peanut modelling the top over pj bottoms!!
don't you love how kids dress at nana's house?
and here is big K's t-shirt.
i wanted her a little bit different so i did the flowers.
i think they'll only look cuter once washed and worn a bit.

of course the day i took this picture it was pajama day at school and so she too was wearing pj's.
although if you know us well, the girls are always wearing pajamas at home and at nana and papa's.

maybe i can get this little one into sewing one day too!!!

ain't she a cutie patootie?!

well, my friends... this was easy peasy... what will you embellish next?!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

i'm tired

yup... today i'm officially tired.
where is that pesky thesaurus?
although i don't need any more words that mean the same thing.
that would just be even more tiring! ha!
so, yeah, i'm just tired.
there is lots on my mind right now and because of that, i'm not sleeping at night.
don't you hate that?
all day long you're looking forward to your bed...
only to lay down and then be WIDE awake for the rest of the night?

this is me... in all my sleepy glory right now.
as soon as i'm done this post, it's down for a nap for i.

i helped out at preschool this morning in little k's class.
ok, i felt like such a dweeb.
playing with the kids...
then yawning like a total loser.
and over...
i'm sure the teachers were like, "what is UP with that mom?"
i couldn't help myself.
i also kept disrupting the class during circle time with my nose blowing.
pesky runny nose.

do i look younger when i do this?
can you notice my wrinkles less?

how 'bout when i do this?
are the bags under my eyes less prominent?!

i always wondered why my mom would make faces like this in the mirror when i was little.
being the 3rd child of three... and now a mother of 3 myself, i now know.
cheers to all those tired out there.
maybe tonight i'll need to pop some nytol to help me get some zzzzzzz's.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIWW #2 pour moi

what the heck?!
didn't i just do one?
holy moly... what did i get myself into?
finding the time to photograph my outfits was kind of funny.
M kept laughing at me and asking, "what on earth are you doing?"
plus, i had to keep changing my lens b/c my fixed lens is far too close to take a full body shot, even if it's from the mirror.
so that was kinda of annoying.
plus, i'm kind of always in a hurry.

ok, here goes...

lunch at mcd's:
long sleeve tee -- target
stripped layering tank -- old navy
zip up short sleeve hoody -- hand me down from sis in law!  it's lucky brand.
scarf -- la senza
jeans -- true religion
boots -- ugg (a staple around these parts!!)
(don't you love my babe underfoot?  she thought it'd be fun to climb up on the stool too)

and here's my necklace -- the vintage pearl
it has all three girls' names on it.

sweater/vest -- forever 21
embellished t-shirt -- forever 21
layering blush tank top -- jcrew
jeans -- jacob
boots -- ugg (what did i tell you?)
accessories -- forever 21, american eagle

client meeting:
sweater -- anthropologie
grey t-shirt -- gap
grey layering tank top -- old navy
jeans -- paige premium denim from aritzia
necklace -- sage and oliva
bracelet -- forever 21

my busy day... carpool, coffee date, dance class, etc.
jacket -- H&M (seriously... like 5 years ago)
stripped tank top -- old navy
jeans -- true religion
necklace -- sage and olivia

oh yeah... and here is me this morning!
actually... this is me EVERY morning!!!
frumpy pj's covered up with my most comfy housecoat from victoria's secret!